Dutch Alternative Photography Lectures at the London Analogue Festival

Sunday 14 September 2014

13.00     Basic photography WITHOUT a camera
Understanding the basics of photography, can get you started with exploring alternative photographic processes, historical, as well as contemporary.
What is actually photography and which alternative photographic processes exist? What elements do you need to practice alternative photographic processes or invent your own process? What should you consider, when choosing to practice alternative photographic processes?

14.30    The Historical Transformation from Single Image to Analogue Photography
Photography started as a production of single images and evolved into analogue photography.
What is actually analogue photography? Why and how did photography evolve from Single Image to Analogue Photography? How did the ‘snapshot’ come about? What’s Kodak got to do with it? What are the effects of this production development on contemporary photography? And why do we want to go back in time to the Analogue era?

London Analogue Festival