Survey: The Practice of Alternative Photographic Processes Worldwide

Dutch Alternative Photography invites you to participate in the survey: The Practice of Alternative Photographic Processes Worldwide.

The purpose of this survey is to provide an overview of the alternative photography community around the world, including: current practices, developments and requests on personal, as well as community level. The aim is to use the results of this survey to improve practice applications and conditions, and to offer new and improved services to alternative photography users, by working together with commercial and non-profit organizations in the field. With this survey, Dutch Alternative Photography would also like to investigate the Dutch and Flanders alternative photography community, in relation to the international community.

If you are an alternative photography practitioner, we would sincerely appreciate if you would take the time to fill out the online survey and forward this message to other practitioners that you may know.

The survey contains 20 short questions on your location and background, the techniques and equipment you use, the conditions and limitations you experience in your practice, and your possible suggestions on a personal and community level to further develop your practice.

The survey is an initiative of Dutch Alternative Photography and is operated with the help of other organizations, such as, GOA-CAP and George Eastman House. A summary of the results will be made public around September 2014 via and At a later date, the full report will also be made publicly available. 

If you are an organization with contacts in the field of alternative photography, please help us to promote our survey among your contacts.

Any questions regarding this survey can be sent to: