Masterclass Disaster Salvage and Drying of Photograph Collections

Masterclass Ramp Herstellen en Drogen van de Foto Collectie

Dates: 5 -7 February 2014
Price: 475,00 euro including reader and lunch
This 3-day workshop offers practice and theory surrounding water-soaked materials. The effects of disasters such as by water will be investigated and through various practical training sessions, participants will learn how to handle, salvage and dry wet materials.
The various types of drying methods will be discussed and the effects of freezing, freeze-drying and air-drying of photographic materials will be examined. At the end of this workshop, participants will have a solid understanding of the differences between drying paper materials and photograph materials. They will have handled wet and frozen materials and examined dry water-damaged materials that were wet for a variety of days.

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